Basic Slots Terminology

Basic Slots Terminology

We have prepared an overview of all the basic terms used when playing slot machines in casinos and on the internet.


3-reel slot machine. They usually have three reels and three lines.


Five-reel slot machine. These are usually three or 4 line video slot machines.


A feature that allows players to set the number of turns to be made without having to manually start each spin individually.

Bonus Round

A special feature that allows players to earn money over the amount of their classic payoff. They usually come in the form of free slots or bonus cash.


A special option available in a particular slot machine, such as bonus rounds.

Freeplay / Free-to-play

Online slot machine casinos allow players to try their slot machines for free and find out how they work. Of course, the winnings of free games are not paid. (this is not available in some countries due to local regulations).

Free Spins

A form of bonus that you earn when you order a certain combination of characters.


Maximum Winnings in Slot Machine Offer; it can be either fixed (fixed jackpot) or gradually growing while playing on the slot machine (progressive jackpot).

Online Slot

A slot machine that can be played virtually, in the online internet space, from a computer or mobile device.


A payline made up of symbols that guarantee a certain profit.


The amount of money paid by the slot machine after receiving a payline.

Progressive Jackpot

A special feature offered by certain slot machines. The jackpot grows when played on the slot machine until someone wins it. This often results in really fantastic profits.


Vertical Columns With Slot Machine Symbols.


Horizontal lines with slot machine symbols.

RTP - Return to Player

The average return of a player in percentages. This is actually the amount that the slot machine will return on average on a Euro bet.

Video Slots

Video Slot Machines. A special type of slot machine, most often an online slot machine that uses graphic animations to display the symbols of the reels.

Winning combination

A winning combination of characters, or one that results in a payout.